Mould Inhibitors / Toxin Binders




The proven, safe and effective feed supplement that protects against moulds and mycotoxins. Improves FCR and livability.

  The Broad Spectrum Potent Mould Inhibitor and toxin binder. Clears feed of toxins if present and significantly reduces bioavailability of harmful toxins.   TURBOSIL offers new break through as toxinsorbent with its active ingredient. Works as effective anticaking agent toxin binder.



Raafres Raafres liquid

Feed additive organic acids plus Mannen's oligosachchaides makes Raafres. The alternative to antimicrobial growth promoters. Significantly reduces mortality.
Click Here for Raafres Scientific Trial Reports

Raafres liquid is a formulation of select direct acting organic acids that control growth of pathogenic micro-organisms and moulds. Healthy water, Healthy birds.



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