(Mykes - Fungus, Toxicum = Poison)

Mycotoxins are metabolites of fungi commonly called moulds. Moulds can colonise and produce toxins on the growing or harvested crops or stored feeds and feed ingredients. Mycotoxins, when ingested along with feed can cause metabolic and physiological disorders in poultry i.e. impaired tissue integrity-capillary haemorrhage, disturbed Ca & VitD3 metabolism leading to fragile bones and poor egg shell quality, immuno suppression, failure of vaccines and drugs, increased susceptibility to infection and disease and poor utilization of nutrients particularly protein and fats. These disorders cause serious threat to health and productivity of Poultry birds. Some of the symptoms observed under commercial farm conditions are:

Poor feed consumption and feed conversion ratio.
Loss of weight, lowered production
Increased disease incidence.

Mycotoxicosis is recognized world over as a serious problem causing significant economic losses to the poultry farmers.
Guybro chemical with their vast experience has developed a range of effective Mould inhibitors, Toxinbinders, Acidifiers and Antifungal products for control of mycotoxicosis and improvement of productivity.



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