Poultry birds drink water about twice as much as they eat.

Water requirements increase with rise in temperature.

Water requirements increases by 7% for every 1oC rise in temperature above 21oC. 

Water forms a large percentage of body weight of Poultry.

Day Old Chick 70% water.
Growing Chick 58% water.
Egg 60% water.

Safe drinking water is essential for poultry health


Contamination of drinking water in Poultry is a serious concern. Depending on the source, water can get contaminated with various organic and inorganic substances resulting in high pH and growth of pathogens including Salmonella sp., E-coli and fungi.

Water with high pH has adverse impact on efficiency of water medication i.e. antibiotics, vitamins, minerals and vaccination. Higher pH also offers favourable medium for growth of microorganisms. If water pH if not attended to it can have big impact on the health and production of Poultry.

  Benefits of RAAFRES LIQUID

RAAFRES LIQUID is a formulation of select direct acting organic acids that control growth of pathogenic micro-organisms and moulds.

Raafres liquid given in drinking water offers the following benefits:

Reduces pH of water as well as G.I. tract of poultry reducing of the growth of pathogenic micro-organism and moulds both in water and the G.I. tract.
Reduces disease incidence and cuts cost of treatment.
Reduced microbial infection, with Raafres liquid, prevents formation of wet droppings. Helps in keeping the litter dry.
Acidification of water (with RAAFRES) improves effectiveness of enzymes, both naturally occurring as well as supplemental enzymes eg. Phytase and enzyme coctails.
Improves efficacy of water medication and nutrients (Vitamins, Minerals) given through drinking water.
In the G.I. tract acid hydrolysis of food molecules improves digestion, absorption
and utilisation of nutrients.
RAAFRES LIQUID assures safe drinking water for poultry and builds your profits with improved productivity of your birds.
  Recommended Usage in Poultry

Continuous use:
1ml/Litre of water (1 lt. per 1000 1t. of water)
Critical conditions:
2ml/Litre of water (1 lt. per 500 1t. of water)


1 lt. bottle.



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