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Poultry Feed Supplement
Successfully tried in Commercial Broilers involving 14000 birds by
Dr V. S. Narsapur Ph.D. & Dr M. L. Kanchan, B.Sc., BVSC & AH
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Successfully tried in Commercial Broilers involving 14000 birds (Dr V. S. Narsapur Ph.D.& Dr M. L. Kanchan, B.Sc., BVSC & AH)


 Item Batch with
RAAFRES in feed
Control batch
(without RAAFRES)
Batch Size (started with) 7130 7135 Nil
Av. Weight Sold (Kg) 1.636 1.568 +0.068
Av. Weight at Day 42 1.570 1.500 +0.070
FCR at Day 42 1.94 1.99 -0.05
Average FCR (sold) 2.0 2.08 -0.08
Total Mortality % 5.8 8.0 -2.2


 Item Batch with
RAAFRES in feed
Control batch
(without RAAFRES)
Total No. of birds sold 6717 6564  
Total Live weight sold (Kg) 10,989 10,292  
Sale proceeds @ Rs.38/kg Rs. 4,17,582/- Rs. 3,91,109/- Rs. +26,473/-
Total feed used Kg 21,978 21,408  
Total cost of Feed @ Rs.10/kg Rs. 2,19,780/- Rs. 2,14,080/- Rs. -5,699/-
Cost of RAAFRES @ Rs.200/kg Rs. 2200/- Nil Rs. -2200/-
Total Extra Gain     Rs. +18573/-
Total Extra Gain per Bird     Rs. + 2.60

= Gain per broiler sold - Rs.2.60
= Significant Reduction in Mortality
= Better FCR
= No Residues / Resistant Organisms


The combinations of Phytase (enzyme) and organic acids appears to have synergistic benefits. Several studies have confirmed this including a recent Commercial Danish Scientific Trial. Overall the test showed that the economic value was highest when both enzyme and organic acids were added.

Ref: "Less buffering … more enzymes and organic acids" by Dr Paul Blanchard, Feed Mix Special 2000, pg.14


Is there a synergy for growth in young pigs??

“Experiments in Netherlands showed that Supplementary organic acids alone could increase Pig daily weight gain by 10%, while phytase alone could yield a 12% improvement. However together the additions could boost gains by 26%"
- Dr Eidelsburger, Feed International May 1998, Pg.20

(pH) on Growth of Beneficial bacterium and Pathogenic Bacteria in Poultry
Beneficial bacteria show peak Growth in acidic pH. RAAFRES is an effective Acidifier.

  • Pathogenic bacteria grow best in higher pH (alkaline).
  • Organic acids in RAAFRES control the growth of Pathogenic bacteria (E.coli, Salmonella in small intestine and Caecum)
  • RAAFRES acifidies all parts of Alimentary canal effectively



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