The Broad Spectrum Potent Mould Inhibitor

Synergistic blend of select broad spectrum, potent, antifungal ORGANIC ACID salts like,

Acetates, Stabilised treated toxin binder
Aluminium Silicate

Toxicurb is the most efficacious mould inhibitor that protects livestock from a wide range of mycotoxin poisoning. Prevents mould from germinating and proliferation with release of Monomoric Propionic acid in Toxicurb is the most effective mould killer.

Specially treated Aluminium Silicate binds toxins if present in the feed.

Low dose
Dry, free flowing powder
Non-corrosive to equipment
Gives excellent distribution in feeds
Kills fungi, moulds & mould spores
  Mixing Rate
Moisture level in feed Quantity of TOXICURB
Up to 15% 500 gm/ Ton of feed
15-18% 1 kg/ Ton of feed




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