Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder & Anticaking feed supplement

TURBOSIL is a break through toxinsorbent with its specially developed and improved active ingredient.

Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate (HSCAS)

TURBOSIL is inert and safe for birds of all ages.

  How TURBOSIL works?
Has high affinity for Mycotoxins and significantly reduces Bio-availability of mycotoxins.
Is stable in pH range 2-10 ensuring toxins are passed out safely.
Binds excess moisture in feed and prevents formation of lumps in the feed and works as anti-caking agent.

TURBOSIL has been tried and tested.

Scientific trials prove TURBOSIL feeding results in the following profitable gains.

Significant improvement in body weight.
Improvement in FCR.
Improvement in Protein efficiency ratio.
Reduction in mortality.
Improvement in eviscerated percentage of dressed broilers.
Neutralizes effect of Aflatoxins and helps to maintain healthy liver, proventriculus, kidney and heart etc.
Significant improvement in Nutrient digestibility co-efficient % for dry matter.
Improvement in crude protein digestibility co-efficient.
Improvement in ether extract digestibility co-efficient.
Increased crude fiber digestibility co-efficient.
Anticaking property keeps the feed free flowing and allows better distribution of various nutrients.

MYCOFIX is the brand name of HSCAS for the domestic market (India). For details see TURBOSIL.



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